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The Symbolism of What The Urn Means


Importance of The Urn

Before our time ends, we still have the choice of how we would like to be preserved after we pass away. Some would choose to have their body laid to rest in a coffin buried six feet under while others would pick to be cremated into ashes, then preserved for all eternity in an urn. The latter has been residual on Earth for over many centuries, used by a wide variety of civilizations. An urn, in the classic sense, is a large decorative vase, made of pottery, metal, wood, and more components. It is composed of a narrow neck above a footed pedastel. Urns come into many elaborate and simple styles, but they all carry the same purpose and symbolize the same meaning. Let’s find out what the urn means regarding life and death.

What The Urn Means

In a sense, the urn is a symbol of beauty. Our earthly remains will be concealed and preserved, represented by timeless elegance of the urn’s design. During the neocalssical period, the earliest of urns displayed anient Greek and Roman scenes depicted in art and jewelry design. The urn could be shaped in anyway or form as the name is derived from the Latin root “uro” which meant “burn”.

Moreover, in many cultures, the urn is a symbol of death. It is believed by many religions that the body is turned into dust as the spirit floats away towards God. The draped urn emphasizes this symbolism as it denotes the death of a person. When the shroud drapery denotes a dearly departed soul to heaven in relation to the shroud dressed over the body, the drape symbolizes the separation between life and death and guards the sacred contents of the urn. When an urn rests on top of a column or tomb, it often is a representation of the mourning depiction. In early design from Neoclassicism, the urn depicts the mourner interacting with the urn. The urn in this depiction represents the loved one.

Life After Death Will Be Taken Care Of

It wouldn’t matter whether your wish was to be preserved in an urn or in a coffin, but for us all to understand the symbolism and the meaning of it in relation to life and death. Bayers Cemetery Brokers completely offers services and professional guidance to perfect the memorial of your legacy. We’ll network with churches, funeral homes, and cemeteries to the find the perfect location of your resting place so your legacy will be properly respected. We’ll answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

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