Bellevue Memorial Park

Bellevue Memorial Park is a cemetery with some history to it. Operating for over 115 years in the heart of Ontario, California, this historic cemetery has been helping families of all faiths and cultures for generations.

Bellevue Memorial Park isn’t just any cemetery in Ontario, California. The Bellevue cemetery property was the very first cemetery to be built in the town of Ontario. Founded in 1892, Bellevue Memorial Park originally started as 10 acres of land the townspeople set aside so that Abram Oakley, father of the cemetery’s founders H.C. Oakley and Dr. J.W. Oakley, could have a plot in Ontario. It was the city’s first official funeral and, since then, Bellevue Memorial Park has become the burial site for many of the families that helped transform Ontario from a frontier outpost into the proud city that it is today.

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Bellevue Memorial Park Cemetery Plots

Much like Ontario, Bellevue Memorial Park has grown considerably and now encompasses over 78 acres of gorgeous land which is the home to thousands of burial plots and two striking mausoleums. The cemetery’s newest, the Sunset Mausoleum, was completed in 2005 and houses approximately 900 crypts and 800 niches.

An integral part of the Ontario community, Bellevue Memorial Park offers caring funeral and cemetery services for families of all faiths and cultures.  Bellevue Memorial Park also proudly honors the memory of over 800 veterans from the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, and the Iraq War.

The cemetery’s fine park and tranquil landscape offers a serene setting for outdoor burial plots. The two mausoleums at Bellevue Memorial Park also provide a comforting indoor environment for its competitively priced crypts and niches. These are exactly the types of lovely settings that Bayer Cemetery Brokers can help you find. Whether you want to buy or sell plots surrounded by Bellevue’s old oak trees or inside its well designed mausoleums, Bayer Cemetery Brokers is there to help you every step of the way. Buy the plot that people will remember and visit throughout their own lifetimes. If you are interested in purchasing a cemetery plot at a discount, or selling a plot you no longer need contact Bayer Cemetery Brokers today.

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