Fairhaven Memorial Park Cemetery

Oliver Linden Halsell created the Fairhaven Memorial Park in 1911 with the assistance of several other members of the Santa Ana business community.  The owners of the cemetery property decided to only use flat instead of upright markers for the cemetery plots so that the sight line was not obstructed, giving visitors the feeling that they were in a park with enticing lawns and trees instead of a graveyard.

The Fairhaven Memorial Park Mausoleum was also built by Oliver Linden Halsell in 1916. It was one of the first constructed in Orange County.  Showing excellent insight, Halsell included a crematorium, again one of the first in Orange County, allowing the cemetery property to take care of all of the community’s funeral needs.  Many of the founders of Orange County are interred in the mausoleum.

In the mid 50’s a church was built on the cemetery property to honor the memory of founder Halsell, as well as that of his wife and mother.  Waverly Church, based on the style of English churches, has a distinctive square tower, a visual reference to a historical law in England stating that taxes were not owed on buildings not completed, resulting in many churches never “finishing” their buildings by erecting a steeple.

Fairhaven Memorial Park offers a large variety of cemetery plot options that includes ground burial, lawn crypts, mausoleum interment, and private family estates and mausoleums.  There are many distinctive locations on the cemetery property to choose from such as the Waverly Garden Family Estates, Oxford Garden Family Estates, Pembroke Family Mausoleums, and Orange Blossom Family Estates.

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