Forest Lawn Cypress Memorial Park

Have you been considering purchasing a plot in the Forest Lawn Cypress cemetery property, or have you purchased a cemetery plot at the Cypress Forest Lawn that you longer need?  Bayer Cemetery Brokers has over 30 years of combined experience and can assist with all of your memorial needs.

The Forest Lawn Cypress offers a peaceful, natural setting full of green lawns and tree lined vistas, making it a wonderful location to lay a loved one to rest. Amazing artwork and architecture add to the natural beauty of the cemetery property.

Cypress Forest Lawn offers a wide selection of cemetery plots including typical ground burial, single or companion mausoleum interment, as well as niches for cremated remains. Family memorials are also available on the cemetery property.

Forest Lawn Cypress’ Garden of Protection is a unique development on the cemetery property comprised of raised sections of companion garden cemetery plots which are framed by both semi private gardens and single ground cemetery plots. The development contains three significant sculptures including the handmade bronze reproduction of Michelangelo’s David, which stands over fifteen feet tall and is the centerpiece of the Garden of Protection. Around the base of David five colorful mosaics depict the story of his life. A large variety of mature trees stand to shade the area located in the center of the cemetery property, which offers magnificent views of the lovely park grounds and brilliant western sunsets.

Cypress Forest Lawn has two main facilities. The Hope Chapel seats 115 guests, with 65 inside and 50 outside seats. The second facility on the cemetery property is the Church of Our Fathers, a recreation of the church in which Founding Father Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!” speech. The Church of Our Fathers seats 150 guests inside and an additional 50 outside.

Forest Lawn, Cypress is one of the most popular cemetery properties serviced by Bayer Cemetery Brokers.  If you wish to sell a plot that you no longer need within Cypress Forest Lawn, or you are interested in purchasing a cemetery plot at a discounted rate contact Bayer Cemetery Brokers today.