Greenwood Memorial Park Plots

There are perhaps none more highly-desired cemetery plots in San Diego than Greenwood Memorial Park plots. Greenwood Memorial Park is a beautiful cemetery of 125 acres situated on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Located just east of Downtown San Diego by a mere 5 miles, it is a beautiful cemetery which fuses art, landscape design, and impressive architecture in one green space.

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Greenwood Memorial Park features seven beautiful chapels, three mausoleums, an impressive botanical collection featuring plants from all over the world, ponds, and beautifully designed passageways throughout the entire cemetery. Complete with an excellent, caring staff that makes sure family member and visitor’s needs are always met, Greenwood Memorial Park is an excellent memorial estate to choose for yourself or a loved one.

However, it should be no surprise that Greenwood Memorial Park plots are expensive to attain due to the cemetery’s high reputation. For many families, Greenwood Memorial Park cemetery plots can be an unaffordable choice due to price. However, that is why Bayer Cemetery Brokers is here.

Bayer: Helping you get the perfect Greenwood Memorial Park plot

At Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we carry a wide selection of Greenwood Memorial Park plots, Greenwood Memorial Park mausoleum plots, and Greenwood Memorial Park cremation niches—all at a great price! Our available plots sell for anywhere from 20 to 60% cheaper than when purchased from Greenwood Memorial Park. We also work closely with other independent memorial estate companies, mortuaries, and religious organizations to get you funeral services at a fraction of the ordinary cost, saving you a total of on average $5,000 – $6,000 on all funeral expenses.

We are honored to help you afford a beautiful Greenwood Memorial Park estate. To find out why we are the most trusted plot broker for Greenwood Memorial Park, please call us at 877.445.7143 or contact us online. We can also help you sell a grave plot at Greenwood Memorial Park.

See our Greenwood Memorial Park plots for sale.

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