For sale:

(Map 4) Lot 1533, Space 1  &  Lot 1407, Space 4  (Side by Side Single Grave spaces)

(Map 5) Lot  2381,  Space 4  (Single Grave Space)

(Map 9) Lot 4050,  Space 4  (Single Grave Space)

(Map 9) Lot  4458, Space  2  (Single Grave space)

Eternal Peace is located to the south of Ascension Garden, Ascension Mosaic and Ascension Mausoleum. To the west you will find Churchyard section with Church of Our Fathers Chapel and Christus statue. Also Columbarium of Blissfulness is located to the west.

Please contact Bayer Cemetery Brokers for more information about these Single Grave spaces and Side by Side Urn Spaces.