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Established in 1886, Oakdale Mortuary has been serving the Glendora community for over one hundred and twenty-five years.  The cemetery property spans over one hundred acres and offers a beautiful, peaceful environment to lay a loved one to rest.  Oakdale Mortuary’s award winning cemetery property features a wide variety of cemetery plots to accommodate all of your burial needs.

The Oakdale cemetery plots range from standard ground burial to private family mausoleums or estates. While many cemetery properties offer only allow headstone markers that are flat against the ground, Oakdale Mortuary offers both flat to the ground markers as well as upright standing monuments.

Oakdale Mortuary also offers cremation services.  Those who are interested in cremation can choose between several options of permanent placement in the cemetery property. Oakdale offers above ground cremation niches, columbarium niches inside a mausoleum or chapel, scattering or permanent placement in a cremation garden, or even a memorial bench which contains the ashes as cemetery plot options for cremated remains.

When Oakdale Mortuary was first incorporated it consisted of only twenty acres. Today the cemetery property is over one hundred acres and Oakdale has a staff of 50 employees. With so many workers at its disposal the Oakdale cemetery property is able to better serve its community. Oakdale Mortuary even has Spanish and Korean speaking employees.

Oakdale Mortuary can also provide catering and reception services for funerals. Receptions include the food and beverages, delivery, wait staff, heating and cooling equipment, serving dishes, tableware and glasses, and set-up and clean-up. The service is available either at the Oakdale cemetery property or a location of your choosing.

Oakdale Mortuary is one of the top twenty cemetery properties serviced by Bayer Cemetery Brokers.  If you are looking to sell a plot that you no longer need within the Oakdale cemetery property, or interested in purchasing a cemetery plot at a discounted rate contact Bayer Cemetery Brokers today.

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