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Customized Personal Urns Will Help Strengthen Your Legacy

Customized Urns

For many of us, the thought of death does not often occur unless it came upon someone we love or ourselves. It also doesn’t occur to us to even think about how we would like to be laid to rest after we pass. Nonetheless, we can plan ahead and decide how we would like to be remembered and represented through personal urns that we can custom ahead. The urn works as a resting place for the deceased after cremation; it can function as both a memorial and a burial site for the deceased. Customized urns also be a way to represent the soul and personality of the cremated ashes that it holds, strengthen a legacy, and comforts family and friends.

Make It Your Own

These days, urns are not just plain and simple vases or boxes that are only tasked with preserving ashes. They can be personalized in a way that can be transformed into a proper memorial, displayed in a loved one’s home or a memorial estate. Customized personal urns are meant to represent the interests, hobbies, and passion of a deceased. If someone that you loved to play baseball, the urn could be personalized to look like a baseball or a trophy. In one instance, the daughter of a former NASA engineer constructed an urn to be in the form of a 22-inch model of the Space Shuttle Columbia. It was a gift to her mother before she passed way at 95. Individuals can decide to customize your own urn before you pass or a loved one can make one in remembrance.

A Fitting Memorial

A unique observation is that the rate of choosing cremation over burial has risen substantially in the last 15 years. Given this fact, the opportunity to personalize urns have become more sought after. Talk to Bayer Cemetery Brokers for professional guidance on how to honor your loved one’s legacy. We’ll locate the perfect spot for your loved one’s final resting place where his/her urn can rest forever. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, food lover, military soldier, or a passionate fisherman; customized personal urns will serve as a loving memorial and will bring some joy and relief to you and your family.

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