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Presidential Burial Sites: In Honor of President’s Day

In honor of President’s Day on February 20th we wanted to find some interesting facts about some of the presidents buried, surrounding their burial locations and fascinating funerals that took place. We were genuinely stunned by some of the facts surrounding the presidential burial sites.

George Washington

Although George Washington and his family were eventually placed at the tomb in Mount Vernon, he was actually buried under the dome at the Capitol in D.C. When the project was never completed, the surviving executors of Washington’s estate removed the bodies of George and his wife Martha Washington.

Thomas Jefferson

Similar to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson was also buried in Virginia, but he was buried in the Monticello Graveyard in Charlottesville. Interestingly enough the Monticello Graveyard is owned by a group of lineal descendants of Thomas Jefferson and his wife Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. Burials in this graveyard are usually limited to direct descendants and their spouses, with a few exceptions.

Abraham Lincoln

His assassination was a difficult time in America, because the country was reeling from the Civil War. Historians have actually dubbed Lincoln’s funeral as the “Greatest Funeral in the History of the United States.” This was due to the length of the funeral, where his body was placed in the Lincoln Funeral Train. The route moved through twelve major cities, which started in D.C. and moved to Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, and finally Springfield where he was buried. Along the route, his body was placed in statehouses and halls for public viewing and formal funerals.
As we celebrate President’s Day later this month, we encourage you to look into the burials and funerals of other former presidents to get more history on them. There is a lot of fascinating information that you’ll find. Here’s a full list of presidents and their current burial locations…

Full List Presidents and Their Burial Location

• Washington Mt. Vernon, Va.
• J. Adams Quincy, Mass.
• Jefferson Charlottesville, Va.
• Madison Montpelier Station, Va.
• Monroe Richmond, Va.
• J. Q. Adams Quincy, Mass.
• Jackson The Hermitage, nr. Nashville, Tenn.
• Van Buren Kinderhook, N.Y.
• W. H. Harrison North Bend, Ohio
• Tyler Richmond, Va.
• Polk Nashville, Tenn.
• Taylor Louisville, Ky.
• Fillmore Buffalo, N.Y.
• Pierce Concord, N.H.
• Buchanan Lancaster, Pa.
• Lincoln Springfield, Ill.
• A. Johnson Greeneville, Tenn.
• Grant New York City
• Hayes Fremont, Ohio
• Garfield Cleveland, Ohio
• Arthur Albany, N.Y.
• Cleveland Princeton, N.J.
• B. Harrison Indianapolis, Ind.
• McKinley Canton, Ohio
• T. Roosevelt Oyster Bay, N.Y.
• Taft Arlington National Cemetery
• Wilson Washington National Cathedral
• Harding Marion, Ohio
• Coolidge Plymouth, Vt.
• Hoover West Branch, Iowa
• F. D. Roosevelt Hyde Park, N.Y.
• Truman Independence, Mo.
• Eisenhower Abilene, Kan.
• Kennedy Arlington National Cemetery
• L. B. Johnson Stonewall, Tex.
• Nixon Yorba Linda, Calif.
• Reagan Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Simi Valley, Calif.
• Ford Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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