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Commemorate the Passions of a Loved One with Themed Funerals

A Unique Way to Celebrate Life

Funerals are a sorrowful event that involves the mourning of a deceased individual and a reflection on the life he or she led and left behind. Black suit and black dress is most often the traditional funeral attire, but some families can choose to organize their loved one’s funeral in a completely different light. Themed funerals are an arrangement that is meant to reflect the passions, the personality, and the way the deceased lived their lives. A themed funeral aims to be a celebratory memorial for the deceased’s passions and can be stylized anyway the family sees fit. It is never meant to offend anyone. Families would get a reason to smile even during the saddest moment of their lives.


What Is A Themed Funeral?


A themed funeral depends on your wish and requests when you pass away or how your family feels how you should be remembered. If the deceased loved superheroes, then you could arrange a superhero themed funeral. Other examples would be a Christmas themed, Disney themed, or sports themed funeral. This means that family and friends are encouraged to dress up in costumes according to the chosen theme. It all depends on the deceased’s passion for life.


Another version of a themed funeral concerns how an individual would like to be laid to rest. Some examples would be a burial at sea, transported in a horse-drawn hearse, or resting in a eco-friendly coffin. An individual has the right to choose how he or she would like to rest in the afterlife.


Stories of Themed funerals


A 25 year old girl who loved comics was dying of cancer, but she wished to not have a sad send-off when the moment came. So she asked her friends to arrive at her memorial dressed in comic-con style costumes. More than 200 people came in costumes to pay tribute to her in Liverpool last year. In the same year, a superhero-themed funeral was held for a 6 year-old boy due to his affection for superheroes. Not only did friends and family dressed up, but the whole community came to embrace the boy’s life; from citizens to police officers to firefighters. Finally, a family arranged a themed funeral for their young son, dedicated to his love for Star Wars. He was laid to rest in a Star Wars coffin and brought to the church in a white horse carriage, guarded by people dressed as Stormtroopers.


Your Ultimate Wish


Ultimately, themed funeral incorporates a unique element to the funeral tradition and if embraced by others, can be a happy event to celebrate the life of the deceased. If you are one who is already thinking about how you would like your life to be celebrated, a themed funeral would be out-of-the-box, yet very unforgettable.



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