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Urn Niche Over the Traditional Cemetery Burial


Why an Urn Niche Could Be For You

Cremation or an urn niche is an alternate form of rest for the deceased as opposed to the traditional cemetery burial. It also has benefits for the deceased and the family of the deceased that far outweigh grave burials.
It’s difficult to think about cost when dealing with the death of a loved one. With heavy emotions settling in, families of the deceased have to focus on grief, healing, and acceptance. These factors help some funeral homes take advantages over and people and trick them into purchasing overpriced burials and expensive add-ons. Traditional burial ceremonies in general cost a fortune and they are slowly sliding downward in favor of the more cost-efficient urn niche.

Pros of Cremation

Urn or cremation niches are very much like mausoleum interments as it is an above ground burial section where the urn containing the deceased remains are sealed and positioned. There could be several reasons why an individual or a family would choose to cremate over burial.

  • The deceased may have wished to not be buried as a personal choice.
    Cremation saves ground space.
  • Above ground niches are not subject to intense weather.
  • Beliefs may be a factor. Some religious beliefs believe that cremation can help the departed soul in its journey to the afterlife.
  • The urn that choose to hold your deceased loved one’s remains could represent and symbolize something special to your family and carry a personal relevance of your loved one.
  • For the environmentally concerned, it will be cleaner to cremate a body than to allow it to naturally decompose near the earth’s surface.
  • Add to that, cemetery space is limited and expensive and cremation is considered to be substantially inexpensive compared to a coffin burial. However the sole purpose and benefit of a urn niche is that it gives a family a place to visit their loved ones.

We’re Here to Accommodate You

At Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we help people throughout Southern California find grave plots, cemetery plots, mausoleum interments, lawn crypts, and an urn niche. We can accommodate to all wishes, finding the right space for the family and their deceased loved one. Our hope is to take care of the arrangements and the process of selling and buying resting places so that families will be uninterrupted in their grieving.



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