Westminster Memorial Park Cemetery

The Westminster Memorial Park occupies close to one hundred and fifty acres, bringing the inspiring, idyllic beauty of the countryside to the middle of Orange County.  The Westminster cemetery property, which most likely holds more trees per acre than any other cemetery property in the area contains a stream, lake, and waterfall, as well as a statuary and several fountains.

The Westminster cemetery property offers many types of cemetery plots including traditional ground burial, single or community mausoleum interment, private family mausoleum interment, side by side company crypts, and private family estates, where gates or shrubbery border an area where several members of the same family may be buried.

Westminster Memorial Park also has its own crematorium and florist, in order to provide the community with every possible funeral need within the cemetery property.

Other important sites in the Westminster Memorial Park include the Mausoleum of Eternal Light, the Garden of Peaceful Eternity, and the iconic chapel.  The Mausoleum of Eternal Light, which takes its name from its three giant skylights, includes a large fountain as well as two interior streams.  The Garden of Peaceful Eternity is a large pagoda with tiered private family estates, is admired by the Westminster community. Demand for a cemetery plot in the garden has been so strong that size of the garden has quadrupled since it first opened in 1996. The Westminster Memorial Park Main Chapel, which often hosts community events, has become a landmark in Orange County that can be seen from Beach Boulevard.

The beauty and location of Westminster Memorial Park makes it among the most popular cemetery properties serviced by Bayer Cemetery Brokers.  If you wish to sell a plot that you no longer need within the Westminster Memorial Park, or are interested in purchasing a cemetery plot at a discounted rate contact Bayer Cemetery Brokers today.