Category: History

3 Cemeteries in the U.S. You Must Visit

A cemetery is a sanctuary for the deceased to rest peacefully and a place for loved ones to honor those

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How to Live Like Jesus

It’s Normal to Question How to Be Like Jesus For any believer, it can be really challenging to walk by

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Presidential Burial Sites: In Honor of President’s Day

In honor of President’s Day on February 20th we wanted to find some interesting facts about some of the presidents

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The Symbolism of What The Urn Means

Importance of The Urn Before our time ends, we still have the choice of how we would like to be

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Find Graves and Avoid the Virtual Cemetery

The internet is a strange place. Still in its infancy, the world wide web likens more to the wild wild

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The History of Headstones

Unless choosing details for a loved one, we rarely think about the history of headstones and the role they play

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