We network with churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, casket stores, and other brokers to provide the best service in Southern California.  No matter what type of cemetery burial you are looking for our cemetery brokers will find the perfect Southern California cemetery to meet your specific memorial needs. We understand how important it is for families to find the perfect location for their loved one’s final resting place, which is why we are dedicated to working our hardest to ensure that we help you to find the perfect location and type of plot.

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Bayer Cemetery Brokers, as featured in the Victor Valley Daily Press, has over 30 years combined experience in the business of assisting with memorial needs. If you are trying to find a grave for cemetery burial, mausoleum interment, or a cremation niche, you can save 20-60 percent with Bayer for your memorial needs. If you are looking to sell a plot that you no longer have need of, Bayer Cemetery Brokers can assist. Allow us to offer our professional guidance, and take the pressure out of your search to find a grave or sell a plot.

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