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An Overview of Armenian Burial Traditions

Their Own Traditions

When it comes to traditions, every culture of the world has their own unique observance. Particularly on funeral and burial traditions, we want to provide an overview of Armenian burial traditions. For the rest of this blog we will discuss rituals, beliefs, and practices as it pertains to Armenian culture. Since a big portion of our services are devoted to families of Armenian descent, we want to shed light on their traditions.

Ceremonies and Funerals

Death and honoring the afterlife is a very important event. Traditionally in Armenian culture, the funeral takes place three days after the passing of a person. Until the burial, the deceased’s body is kept at home, where the wake is held and the coffin lid is placed upright by the house’s front door to signal neighbors that there has been a death in the family. A black-draped platform supports the open casket in the living room surrounded by bouquets. Mourners at wake usually re-gather the next morning before heading to the funeral.

A loved one’s death has not only one ceremony, but several more. The ceremonies occur usually on the day of the death, the day of the funeral, the day after, on the seventh day, on the 40th day, and finally on the 1 year anniversary of the passing. All friends and relatives of the deceased gather together at these ceremonies to have a meal and remember the life of the deceased. The grave is usually revisited by friends and family on the seventh and 40th day and the anniversary.

Beliefs and Traditions

When friends and relatives revisit the grave of the deceased, they usually bring food, alcoholic beverages, and flowers as offerings. They also commonly give some money to the deceased’s immediate family. In ceremonies, meals are meant to be a symbol of celebration for the life of the individual who passed away. Until the revisit of the grave on the 40th day, the men of the deceased’s family are prohibited to shave their face.

The Perfect Plot

These ceremonies and Armenian burial traditions are their own, but the kind staff at Bayer Cemetery Brokers will be able to assist to finding the perfect plot or grave space for your loved one at a decent price. Whether you choose to rest your loved one in an urn, mausoleum, casket, or coffin, we can help.

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