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Companion Plots Will Unite Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Rest With Your Loved One

We may live for many years in the company of our loved ones, so it makes sense to rest for all eternity with the love of your life. Bayer Cemetery Brokers is a organization that networks with various churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, and other brokers to make sure that people who pass away get the resting place they wished and that their survivors are left in a good place. Cemetery plots is what our focus is on and there are multiple forms of plots to choose from. From cremation to single plots to family plots and to companion plots, people should decide how they would like their remains to be laid to rest. Concerning the latter, companion plots are devoted to reuniting a couple together forever after life’s passing.

What are Companion Plots?

Companion plots are two plots that are sold together for couple, normally married couples. These plots can be two plots placed side by side or can be “double depth”, which means two caskets buried on top of each other in a single plot.

Multiple Plots Offered

Bayer Cemetery Brokers can offer companion plots in both grave sites, crypts, and mausoleum interments. The latter allows a couples’ remains to be either entombed in caskets or urn niches, stacked and placed side by side in an above ground structure.


The ideal reason to have a companion plot is for the simple belief of “love preserved forever”. Companion plots symbolize how strong a couple’s love is after so many years of being together. It’s a bold notion when a couple wants to remain together even in the afterlife.

Here to Help

Our services for companion plots work just the same as our family and single plot service. Bayer Cemetery Brokers have grave plots all over Southern California as we ensure you that we will find the right location and the type of plot for you. We will be able to offer companion plots at a much lower rate than a cemetery’s price. If you happen to have a plot and want to sell it, we also can assist you.

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