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There is nearly no painful feeling that’s worse than losing a family member. Dealing with a newly deceased loved one is obviously a difficult task and dealing with your loved one’s funeral arrangements and burial is a tough process that we would never imagine going through. The grieving process for a family has no set time, but knowing that your loved one will be rested and memorialized the right way can bring you some comfort and assurance. For over 30 years in Southern California, Bayer Cemetery Brokers has been the team to guide families in their honoring of a loved one. We work hard in locating the perfect family plots, resting place, the type of plot, and burial that your loved one deserves.

What We Can Do And Why We Do It

Families are obligated to search for a cemetery after a member dies, they have no desire to research locations and negotiate prices for burials and memorials. Losing someone is a devastating feeling, so families should only concentrate on mourning. Bayer Cemetery Brokers is there so families won’t have to do all that work. We have done the research and we can do the negotiation. We can also help families find graves at a discount price; saving about 20-60% from regular fees. Our profession requires us to network with funeral homes and cemeteries all over LA county to locate high quality land for burial that are conveniently located for families.

Helping Families Re-Sell Thier Plots

Sometimes, a family may have purchased a cemetery plot or grave ahead of time and may have no use for it anymore; our licensed brokers and agents can help re-sell a cemetery plot to another family in need. This will beneficial for both the selling and buying families. Regular funeral homes normally charge a high amount for a burial; we want to make sure that no family is taken advantage of.

Planning Ahead

It may seem like an afterthought, but planning a burial and purchasing a cemtery plot early may be better than waiting until a death occurs in the family. For one thing, It saves your family from much heartache, trauma, and stress that could happen when planning a funeral immediately after a loved one’s passing. Your family will have enough on your minds. Furthermore, buying a cemtery plot at the last minute will be costly. If you decide to purchase early, you and your family can find the plot that suits everyone in terms of location and last wishes. Also, you’ll be able to find a price that’s well-suited for you. Preparing for the inevitable will take away a lot of pain that you will feel if you don’t; Bayer Cemetery Brokers can help you buy a plot that you will be satisfied with at a reasonable price.

Healing is the Ultimate Gain

Ultimately, our intention is to help families heal; whether its by offering them professional guidance, assisting in funerals and memorials, helping them buy a grave or cemetery plot. We want to take the pressure of their hands so they can properly mourn their loved one without any added stress. Anything that the deceased loved one wished for, we can help come true. In addition to family plots, we can find a space for mausoleum entombments and urn niches. Allow us to help you grieve.

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My Cemetery Salesperson license is CES 47731. I have 4 years of experience in re-selling cemetery properties through Bayer Cemetery Brokers. I meet with families, show them what we have available and schedule appointments in order to take care of the property transfer.

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