Sunset Hills Memorial Park Cemetery Plots

With so many vibrant possibilities Sunset Hills is a great place to settle upon for your sunset hills memorial park cemetery plots. They showcase a relaxing environment with green pastures, light trees, eternal rocks, and rivers. Nestled into the Sycamore Rocks, in Apple Valley it has a natural feel to it for those in love with nature and the environment.

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Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary is all about the celebration of life. Death can be a hard time for anyone, but the employees at Sunset Hills make choosing sunset hills memorial park cemetery plots an easy transition. They believe life was worth living, and is worth celebrating. They offer unique memorial services to create a transformational experience. Patriotic tributes, cremation ceremonies, and traditional services are offered for those seeking a familiar comfort.

For those interested in something different, Sunset Hills has a variety of ideas for a service. In a relaxed gathering you can offer guests a service based on favorite meals and foods. For a last ride the coffin can be carried by their favorite motorcycle or vehicle. If the deceased was interested in card games you could stage a card party letting guests play the preferred card game. Were they a performer? The service can take place center stage in the private theater.

Sunset Hills Memorial Park

Due to its history with King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers and Queen of the West Dale Evans (Sunset Hills named their chapel after the two lovers) has grown to become a tourist destination. Sunset Hills isn’t just visited by tourists from around the country but with funeral directors coming to check out the latest addition to the breathtaking park. Bayer Cemetery Brokers proudly service this gorgeous memorial park. Contact one of the brokers today if you’re interested in buying one of the Sunset Hills Memorial Park cemetery plots.

See our Sunset Hills Memorial Park plots for sale in Apple Valley.

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