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Write an Epitaph as Your Last Words

What do you want your epitaph to say about you?

Your Last Words

Write an epitaph to provide your last words to the world. At Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we’re all about personalizing your cemetery plots, with amazing locations and decorated tombstones and headstones. With combined experiences of 30 years in the business, we suggest taking the time to think about what you want to express about yourself or your life with your epitaph. Creative and different tombstones and headstones for your cemetery plots will show individuality but an epitaph is a great way to showcase something about you through your last words. As your last words to the world, it can say a lot about, what you thought of life, or sometimes what you even think of death.

Long Lasting Impression

An epitaph is an amazing way to detail in as little as a few words, your life. For some people death wasn’t taken too seriously. Game show and television show host, Merv Griffin’s tombstone famously says “I will not be right back after this message.” Stand-up comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s epitaph reads “There goes the neighborhood.” “I knew this would happen” is a prolific and comical outlook on death. For more humorous epitaphs click here. There are a number of famous epitaph examples that leave eternal impressions. Deputy sheriff Wyatt Earp’s tombstone “Nothing’s so sacred as honour and nothing’s so loyal as love.” Prime Minister of the Cape Colony, Cecil John Rhodes, in the late 1800s had “So much to do, so little done” written on his. Both Frank Sinatra and Sonny Bono famously used their song titles as their last words. Sinatra used “The best is yet to come” and Sonny Bono used “And the beat goes on.” The distinct ways these people chose to say their “good bye” to the world still exists today for people to read because of their clever or thoughtful last words. For more great examples of literary or well known epitaphs click here.

We Know it’s Not Easy

To write an epitaph, we suggest sitting down for a moment with a pen and paper and write down the first words that come to mind to describe your personality. Then do the same to describe your life. Think about what your hobbies are. If you love baseball, then maybe you have a favorite player who has a famous quote. If you love watching television shows like Seinfeld or Golden Girls there are probably plenty of quotable moments that describe you. As devastating as it is to think about death, your epitaph can be a comforting reminder of who you are when your loved ones visit your cemetery plot. For a visitor they’re able to look at your headstone or tombstone and read a personal epitaph that could remind them of a memory, or of your personality. Leave something to make them smile, and not necessarily in a comedic way but in the way that words can remind them of who you were in their life and the experiences that were shared.

Take The First Step

The first step is purchasing a cemetery plot, which we can help you with. Contact us at (760) 247-8518 and we’ll find a great location for you throughout Southern California and Los Angeles. The location will be a quiet one where your loved ones can visit your cemetery plot in peace. With the tools you have now to write an epitaph, your loved ones will also be able to connect to you with an epitaph that speaks to them.

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