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Companion Plots Will Unite Loved Ones in the Afterlife

Rest With Your Loved One We may live for many years in the company of our loved ones, so it

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Your Family Plots are in Good Hands

Best For Your Family There is nearly no painful feeling that’s worse than losing a family member. Dealing with a

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Mausoleum Entombment: A Perfect Alternative

Rest Above Ground Mausoleum entombment is one of several properties that Bayer Cemetery Brokers offer to sell or re-sell for

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How Religious Leaders are helping Congregations obtain Affordable Land Plots

Land plots can be extremely expensive. For many of us, death comes at an unplanned moment.  There is, of course,

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The Value of Land: Why Cemetery Plots are an Investment

There are many lessons to be learned from watching HBO’s critically acclaimed The Sopranos, and in one conversation with his

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Our Face to Face Appointments Will Lend You Confidence in Trying Times

Whether a loved one has died and you are finalizing arrangements, or you’re merely getting your affairs in order so

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