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Be Aware of Cemetery Sales Techniques

This is not knowledge common to the public – but there is much to be said about cemetery sales for those who do not understand how it works. At Bayer Cemetery Brokers, we are equipped with experience in cemetery sales, and we’ve got knowledge to offer back to those trying to sell their properties.

Cemetery properties can be a tricky thing to sell. You want to get rid of your property and you obviously want to make a profit. So, where’s the first place you go? You would likely think that going to your cemetery would help. There are employees, or sales reps, that work the grounds and deal with prospective buyers on a daily basis. If you’re selling your property, these sales reps can act as a middling figure to bridge the gap between you and your buyer.

But what a property owner fails to realize is that these sales reps have priorities. Their top priority is pitching new inventory to a potential buyer. The cemetery makes money selling their own inventory, so they’ll always value the sales of their own property over the sales of property owned by an external party. Not only do they prioritize their own properties first, but they use your property to leverage buyers into purchasing the cemetery property.

What? How?

It’s simple. Here’s how their technique works (using approximate values for example):

The cemetery sales reps purposely tell sellers that the property they are trying to sell is worth $8,000. As a seller, you are pleased with this number. But weeks go by, and you wonder why your property hasn’t been sold. The sales reps tell buyers your price, and then they offer one of the cemetery-owned properties for 3x less the price.

At Bayer Cemetery Brokers, our understanding of this technique sets up sellers to be ahead of the cemetery sales reps. We buy properties for realistic prices, not the prices that the reps use to leverage their own business leads. If you want a reliable way to sell your property, Bayer Cemetery Brokers has your best interest in mind!

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